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How to Submit a Report to the Office of Community Expectations

If you suspect a violation of the student handbook from a current USC student you can refer the incident to the Office of Community Expectations. 

If you feel this incident is an emergency please contact the Department of Public Safety for 24-hour emergency assistance or to report a crime: UPC: 213-740-4321 HSC: 323-442-1000. For 24 hour non-emergency assistance or information: UPC: 213-740-6000 HSC: 323-442-1200. The Department of Public Safety will provide a report of the incident to the Office of Community Expectations. 

Information to include in the report: 

  • Name of student(s) involved 

  • Student’s University Identification Number

  • Student’s email address

  • Referring party name, email, and contact information 

  • Detail of incident (time, date, location, detailed information of incident)

  • Names and contact of witnesses (if applicable)  

  • *Supporting Material (emails, photos, recordings, etc.)

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