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Office of Community Expectations

The Office of
Community Expectations

The Office of Community Expectations (OCE) works to provide preventative education regarding student behavior policies to students and Recognized Student Organizations. This office works together with other key members of the university to implement the university’s Unifying Values outlined in our student handbook, as it relates to students and community expectations.

The mission of the Office of Community Expectations (OCE) is to promote student accountability, community standards, and responsibility.  We strive to achieve this through proactive education, preventative interventions, an individualized developmental approach, and a connection to the greater USC community and its resources. 

What Should I Expect

Find FAQs and learn more about what to expect from the Office of Community Expectations and the conduct process.


An overview of OCE’s process for investigating community standard violation allegations.

Student Resources

Find information on confidential, support, and general resources for students.

Culture Change

Learn more about the reimagining of the conduct process at USC and the implementation of our Unifying Values.

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